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Best Wedding Photographer

Working WIth Your Makeup Artist and Wedding Photographer

In a movie, makeup and photography work very closely together. So when you're looking for a photographer near me, you should probably be looking for a makeup artist, too. The best wedding photographer will be able to work with any makeup artist, but they might have some suggestions.

Talk to the Photographer First

Search for "photographer near me" and then consult with them. Ask them if there are makeup artists that they recommend or looks that they recommend. It's important to realize the way that makeup is done affects how photos are shot. There's a reason why makeup in movies tends to be more dramatic than makeup in real life; because the camera picks up makeup differently. For instance, some foundations reflect light and are far more apparent on camera.

Make Sure the Makeup Artist is Right for Weddings

Because makeup does show up differently on camera, you should be explicit that you need makeup that looks great during the wedding and great for your videos and photography. A good makeup artist will use different makeup and tools depending on the situation.

Get Your Makeup Done Early

Your photographer is going to be shooting a lot of shots, and there may be time constraints. Get your makeup done early (unless you're having makeup/during a staging photo session as well). This gives you time to adjust anything you want adjusted before they're memorialized in photos forever.

Finding the best wedding photographer is important, but you should also make sure that your best wedding photographer can work with your makeup artist, and has some input into the makeup that's being done. To start your planning today, contact the experts at Parallax Media.

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