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Thank you.

That is the 2 words deep in our core and passion of what we want to really say to you and your spouse. Thank you. Allan, Skealer and I have been pursuing our love for Weddings and passion for telling stories the best way we know how. We hope we did just that and have given you our %110, we hope you that we have given you a piece of joy from allowing us to capture your Wedding Day, we hope you enjoyed our presence and we hope for the best years to come as you continually watch your Wedding film.

We ask that you give us a small favour in return in a form of your testimony and experience with Parallax Media. We really appreciate this as with your words many others will see the love and passion we put in our craft.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write your honest and personal thoughts on our service. We hope to continue this friendship for years to come.