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Pre- Wedding Videography

Some Great Pre- Wedding Videography Ideas

What is pre- wedding videography? These videos showcase the story that leads up to your wedding, often taking place in two or three locations, and making it into a journey rather than the destination. These videos are catered to you, your friends, and your family, and are a great way to celebrate.

Bridesmaids and Bride Grooms Out on the Town

Pre- wedding videography can capture bridesmaids and bride grooms having fun, either out on the town, at the hotel or resort, or otherwise enjoying themselves before the wedding. This is a good way to make everyone feel involved in your wedding; it's not just your day, it's everyone's day.

The Families Together

Consider taking pre-wedding videography of the two families of the spouses together, either having dinner, having a small party, or just hanging out. This can be a great way to really showcase the fact that the two families are now being united. You can also do something as simple as play games together or visit a place that you've been meaning to visit -- or one that has meaning for the families.

Taking a Trip

If you want some special wedding films that are just between spouses-to-be, consider taking a small trip before the wedding. If you're having a destination wedding, enjoy the town and film in some locations there. If you're having a wedding in your home town, go to a few places that mean something to you, or go to the location of your first date. Taking a trip together before the wedding can be a good way to make it feel like less just a "day in your life" and more the culmination of a long journey.

Whether you want traditional wedding videography, pre-wedding videography, or other types of wedding films, we can help it happen. Contact us at Parallax Media to find out more.

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